The large studio is green by default and is located in the vicinity of the Globe / Gullmarsplan. The little studio is white and is located on the south side of Stockholm.

The Green Studio - At Globen

Tjurhornsgränd 2

The studio is painted green as standard. All our technique is available in the rooms next door. There is room for makeup, costume and kitchen. If you do you need the camera and sound, we have it in the next door.

DAGSPRIS: 5000 kr/dag

Width: 8 meters

Height: 6 meters

Depth: 10 meters

The White Studio - South of Stockholm C

Åsögatan 176

The studio is painted white as standard. Space for makeup dressing room and kitchen is available. Do you need camera, light and sound, we will arrange that too.


DAGSPRIS: 5000 kr/dag

Width: 6 meters

Height: 5,8 meters

Depth: 8 meters