Terms of Rental

Terms of Rental


Below you find an action flow for our rental. In case you rent the studio and / or want us to put together the whole team and equipment list, it is best that we'll take that meeting. Call us: 0707-701288.

  1. Please go to the page "Booking Request". Here you can compile a list of what you need. You can see what we have in stock and obtain documentation for your budget. When you are finished with your shopping cart, you can send a quotation with a pdf list of what you need for your production. Fill in the contact information. Then we can come back with a quote and / or booking confirmation.

  1. If you are a new customer, fill in a customer registration and send to us. Please read our rental terms.

  1. When you confirm your reservation, as our lease that we have sent to you, we lock equipment to for the period of choise.

  1. If you need to pick up / return the equipment outside working hours, you can get access to our "Shipping Room". It is a separate room with a private key that you can have your pickup.

  1. When the equipment is returned, we go through it and compile the invoice. It is then sent by post. Notify us If you want it sent by email.