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To have responsible for the image requires technical skills and experience of both pre-production- image manuscript and perspective planning as well as post production- grading, vfx and image continuity.


Staffan Övgård fsf

With technical skill and artistic flair the cinematographer take use of lighting, framing and camera movements to form the visual storytelling.

DoP - Director of Photography

The film photographer is a technician, craftsman and supervisor. Owning the role of DoP requires experience from many different situations. With his eye in the viewfinder Staffan has seen it all; hung out of helicopters between the skyskrapers of Dubai as well as the rolling seas of the Baltic Sea, filming the darkest alleys of Stockholm and the brightest horizons of the west coasts of Sweden. What distinguishes him most is nevertheless that he always wants to see more ...

Staffan is contacted through his agency: Magnolia Agency





Executiv Producent


Alex Kalmér

It's exciting to catch a movement. It can be a car, branches in the wind or thoughts in dreadful silence.

A versatile player:

Alex Kalmér plays on many strings. With a professional background like music video director, vfx creator in compositing and a solid music background, one can rely on his broad knowledge to provide a solid foundation in an experience bank that provides understanding throughout the lead of a film production.

Some links to work he has been involved with as a photographer:

Anastacia - Apoteket info Eric Rapp (Drönare & Osmo Cam)




Drone Operator