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- It's all about the shadows

Many call them electricians but the truth is that it's about lighting the scene, giving the picture the connection to our visual demands. On the other hand, the technical skills will rest on the knowledge of electricity.


Peter Övgård

A picture is worth a thousand words. The question is how to say it. An image needs to convey what you want to say. That's what it's usually about.

What is an illuminator:

Peter Övgård is passionate about his work. What he does not know, he finds out. An attitude of importance undependently of what role you've got in the team. Knowledge and accuracy are important. In addition, it includes high voltage and lamps with powerful heat exchange, it is a decisive factor for the entire production. We let his own website speak for the obvious:

Pete's reel-site







Samuel Gonzales

Balance of life gives an impression of everything you do. Search balance, in everything you do

To work as a lighting designer:

Working with the light for a movie requires close collaboration with DoP. It's important to be ready and set the lights when time is given and imediately make it really good. It's a bit like playing defence in a great soccer team: Usually you have not much to do. Then suddenly everything will happen at the same time. That's when you must be on top of it all. Pretty much Hammarby-style ...


Oskar Lundh

Always look on the bright side of life. That's not a joke, is it?

Solve the problem:

Oskar Lundh have seen it all by now. Long films, short films, infomercials, advertising, virals etc. What are up to? Ok, we'll figure it out.