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You usually say that a movie is written at least three times: one when the script itself is written, then the story is transformed during the production itself. At the Edit room the story appears again in a new shapes. All of these elements must be managed with the utmost care and respect for the premise and the purpose of your production


Fred Thustrup

I work with film production, I do the job and do get the job done!

A hard worker with his feet on the ground:

Being artistic is easy. As long as you don't need to get dirty there are no problems. However, reality looks different. All productions, irrespective of artistic ambition, require a pre-, under- and post-work that has nothing to do with the artistic tuch. At the same time, it is an art of itself to put your fingers into everything that needs to be done, no matter what. In those cases it is very good to have such a person in the team. Fred is that team player in every way!

Some links to work he directed, produced & / or edited:

Danny  Saucedo -  Sverigelotten -  Sandro Cavazza



Production Management


Stills Photographer



Line Producer


Jonathan Scherzenlehner

Challenging your fate may be like trying to bend a water jet; it is possible? YEP!

A versatile player:

Jonte has taken most roles in a film team. With a wide background in post production, he can be compared to a self-playing one-man band. But make no mistake; Jonathan is a team player.

Some links to work he directed or edited:

Borderland - Sex is my substitute - Den SvartVita Kycklingen






Film music


Jacob Mohlin

What you see is what you get, so be sure to get something out of it.

With the perspective of an actor and the eye of the scenographer:

A professional background in acting, scenography, film editing and music gives Jacob a rare perspective of film making. The experience is based on solid grounds of film, music and image composition. Someone said that they could remove the actors from BladeRunner and still have a story to follow. As a scenographer, Jacob understands that perspective. As an actor, he has a different opinion and as a director he gets the whole picture.

Some links to work he directed or edited:

Leva för döden The Tiny - Last Weekend SVT Ebbas Stil

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Ove Valeskog

It's not what you do that says who you are. It's that you do it and how you do it, so do it with your heart and soul!

Creative Leadership - The Art of telling a History:

Ove has extensive experience in numerous professional fields and have become good at quickly familiarize himselve with the project and various tools. In his early teens he dug deep into the magic world of the music studios and composed long instrumental art music. To tell stories, and use all formats close at hand, became an ever more driving force. As a project manager, he is seen as a strong starter with the  ability to complete. The leadership of Ove is recognised as big ears (listening), big mouth (sharing) and cold play (trusting - delegate and follow up). His strength is to lead the creatives into goals, all to tell that story.

Some links to work he directed, music-produced & / or edited:

HULDRA Kust & Hav (Halmstad)K&H Trailer  - TheThe featuring MEJA


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Film producer

Music producer

Script writing



Music composing