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- What you hear is what you get

Responsibility for sound requires technical skills and experience of the consequences of various noise disturbances, etc. As an engineer you know that, like a goalkeeper, there only mistakes that counts. Watch out for being a disturbens of the kreative force. It's about understanding what's important and not. Experience of sound post production, mixing and audio processing is an advantage.

Sound Mixer

Petra Larsson

The sound gives you a feeling: A dandelion seed lands softly on the water surface, open mouth by the stormy sea, eyes staring into the infinity.

Order and remedy:  

 With a strong sense of order and humble attitude to everything she performs her duty nad she gets the job done, without any sounds of complaint. This is one of the best conditions for a good sound recording:




Production - coordinator

Sound Mixer

Eddie Boschek

When the composition of the image and the sound blends into the story we wanted to be told. the joy and satisfaction of that we have done a good job together are revealed; That's a team effort.

When the sound should be part of your story:

If you need an audio engineer who has experience in editing, writing script, production management, FAD, sounding, writing music, giving good advice or just being quiet when needed. That's Eddie:




Produktion - koordinator